Using Epsom Salt Bath to Promote Weight Loss

Reviews are mixed in the use of Epsom Salt Bath for weight loss. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that Epsom Salt contributes to weight loss.  However, some people claim this method does work for them. Supporters allege that absorbing Epsom Salt through the skin during a bath causes a toxin releasing effect which, they believe, increases weight loss.

How Does It Work?

Contrary to the name, Epsom Salt is not actually a salt at all. It is a natural compound of magnesium and sulfate. When used in bathwater, the body does absorb the magnesium and sulfate. To use Epsom Salt as a weight loss aid start running warm water into a bath. Add Epsom Salt as the water is running to help it to dissolve properly. For your first time, add one tablespoon, gradually increasing the amount of Epsom Salt to two cups each time you soak in the bath. Do not increase the amount of Epsom Salt beyond two cups. Increasing the quantity of Epsom Salt too quickly can result in mood swings and restlessness. Some supporters suggest adding apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and even ginger to increase the benefits of this detox bath. Adding apple cider vinegar helps to relieve joint pain and stiffness. The addition of baking soda, in theory, pulls more toxins from the body. Ginger is said to open pores, allowing the individual to sweat more, theoretically releasing more toxins. Adding essential oils, such as lavender, can help the bath be a more relaxing experience.

Opinions vary as to how often this bath should be used. Some people recommend daily use, others prefer to use every other day. The Epsom Salt is supposed to begin pulling toxins from the body once the bathwater cools. Recommendations for soaking times vary widely. Some recommend a short 10-minute soak, others say no more than thirty minutes, and still others say to soak for at least 40 minutes.

Cautionary Measures

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids while using this method of weight loss to avoid dehydration. Consult a doctor before trying this if you have any health conditions. Do not attempt this method at all if you are pregnant, diabetic, have a heart condition, or have any type of kidney condition. Avoid making the bath water too hot.  Use caution when standing up after soaking in the water. Soaking in hot bathwater may cause dizziness upon standing, which increases the likeliness of a fall.

Be careful you don’t swallow the bathwater. When Epsom Salt is ingested, it can have a laxative like effect. Swallowing large amounts of Epsom Salt can raise your magnesium to dangerous levels. If you happen to swallow a large quantity, watch for symptoms such as drowsiness and vomiting. See a physician if you experience any of these symptoms. Digesting high levels of Epsom Salt can even result in coma.

Expert Statements

Experts disagree with the theory that an Epsom Salt bath is an effective weight loss tool. There is no scientific evidence to support the belief that Epsom Salt pulls toxins from the body. Epsom salt does help to supplement the body’s magnesium levels. It has been widely promoted for use in baths to help relax the body and relieve muscle and joint aches. Some people use Epsom Salt in a bath to help them relax before going to sleep.

Expert opinion is that any weight loss that occurs when using this method is most likely the result of water weight loss because the person has been sweating in the hot bath water. They emphasize that any results will be temporary. Within two to three days, the weight will probably be put on. So, if you need to drop a couple pounds quickly to fit into that outfit for a special occasion, this may be worth a try. But, if you are looking for long lasting results, this may not be such a good option.

Better Options

After reading this article, you may have decided that Epsom Salt bath is not an effective weight loss method. Or, perhaps you have tried the method and did not achieve the results you were after. There are other, more proven options to try. Weight loss is most likely to be achieved and maintained with healthy lifestyle changes. Consider changing eating patterns and adding exercise to your daily activities.

Our bodies burn calories as we expend energy. If we consume more calories than we burn off, the extra calories are stored in our bodies as fat. By consuming less calories than we use, we lose weight because the body begins to burn stored fat to produce energy. Therefore, switching existing eating routines to a calorie deficit plan is an effective way to lose weight.  Adding exercise to daily routines is a method of increasing the energy our body use. It also builds muscle, which raises the metabolism, allowing the body to burn more fat. Making it a habit to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly not only increases weight loss, it also assures the weight loss will be better maintained.

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