List of Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

Some people turn to juicing diets to lose weight quickly. Using this method requires a tremendous amount of will power. Juicing is not simply substituting store bought orange juice for meals. It involves using a juicer to extract nutrients from foods, turning these foods into the form of a drink. When we cook foods, we lose some of the nutritional value contained in the foods. Consuming the foods in raw form eliminates this issue, allowing you to get more nutritional bang for your buck, if you will.

Juice vs. Smoothie

Juicing removes the fibrous qualities from foods. It pulls the vitamins and minerals from the foods into liquid form, while leaving the fiber behind. This is different than making smoothies with extractors. When making smoothies, the fibers in the food are broken down and including in the drink, making the consistency of the beverage thicker.


There are two methods for juicing to lose weight. In the first option, widely known as “Juice Fasting”, you replace all your meals with juices for a predetermined amount of time. Using this method is very extreme, and can be quite dangerous.

The less extreme method, is to replace unhealthy snack choices, or substitute one or two meals per day with the juice. This method is easier to maintain for a longer amount of time than juice fasting. It is still important to use caution in using this method. Watch for signs that your body is not getting what it needs to perform.

The Process

Prepare the foods for juicing. Cut up vegetables and fruits as necessary. Smaller items, such as berries, may not need to be cut into pieces. Place the food into the juicer. Placing leafy vegetables into the juicer first will help to better extract the juice from them. You may need to juice a few items at a time, adding them to your glass as you go. Be sure to thoroughly stir the drink before consuming it.


Use vegetables as the main ingredients in your juice. Fruits have a high sugar content, which may make it difficult to obtain the results you are after. Vegetables have a lower sugar content, and provide essential nutrients. Fruits can be used as sweeteners in your drinks.

Be sure to include sources of protein in your juices as well as in your normal meals and snacks. Protein is necessary for a healthy body. You can incorporate protein into your juices by using protein powders. You could also add chia seeds or flaxseed. Use cuts of lean meats or beans in your normal meals, and consider eating almonds or other nuts, and probiotic yogurts for snacks.

Pros and Cons

Juicing can be a good way of getting fruits and vegetables into your diet if you really don’t like to eat the foods on their own. Juicing allows us to more easily achieve the recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetable consumption.

Nutrients are easily absorbed through juicing.

Keep in mind that juicers extract the juice, removing the pulp, which contains fiber. Fiber is a significant element in our diets. Consuming fibers helps to regulate bowels, lower rise in blood glucose levels, and improve cholesterol levels. It also helps you to feel fuller, so it be an aid in appetite suppression.

It can be expensive. If you don’t own a juicer, you will need to purchase one. You will need to purchase fresh produce to use in the recipes.

Recipes containing mostly fruits can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate dramatically.You may or may not be successful with weight loss attempts through juicing.

Suggested Recipes

There are many options for juicing recipes. Many juicing recipes can be found on the internet. Feel free to experiment and create your own combinations as well. Below are five recipes to help get you started.

  • Mean Green Toxin Flusher -this recipe contains cucumbers, which help rid the body of toxins. The parsley in the recipe aids in digestion.
    • Ingredients
      • 2-3 kale leaves
      • Handful parsley
      • ½ unpeeled lemon
      • Cucumber
      • Fuji apple
    • Fat Dissolver Juice– This recipe claims to boost your metabolism
      • Ingredients
        • 1 peeled pink grapefruit
        • 2 peeled oranges
        • 1 bunch mint
        • 1 head romaine lettuce
      • Turbo Express
        • Ingredients
          • ½ small pineapple
          • ½ stick celery
          • 1 inch chunk of cucumber
          • 1 handful spinach leaves
          • 1 small, peeled lime
          • 2 apples
          • ½ ripe avocado
          • Ice cubes
        • Collard Cooler
          • Ingredients
            • 2 leaves collard greens
            • 2-1/2 medium apples
            • ½ medium cucumber
            • 2 stalks celery
            • ½ medium, peeled, lemon
            • ½ medium, peeled lime
          • The Lift-Off
            • Ingredients
              • 2 leaves Swiss Chard
              • 2 leaves collard greens
              • 1 cup kale
              • 1 cup spinach
              • ½ medium cucumber
              • 1 inch fresh, peeled, gingerroot
              • ½ medium, peeled lemon

Mixed Reviews

Searching the internet, you will see many different reviews on the effectiveness of juicing as a weight loss method. Some web sites rave on about how customers lost seven pounds in seven days. Certain individuals claim using this method was the quickest and easiest way they have ever lost weight.

For every positive review, there are countless numbers of negative reviews. Some reviews state that while they did, indeed, lose weight quickly through juicing, they gained the weight back just as quickly once they went off the juicing diet. Others stated they saw no decrease in their weight while on the diet.

There are several reviews in which individuals reported health complications as a result of following a juicing diet. These complications range from minor issues such as irritability, stomach discomfort and bloating, or diarrhea to more severe issues like diabetic coma. 


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