How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise (for both Men and Women)

Everybody knows that exercising is important to manage your weight, yet few notice how often people overestimate this importance. Yes, workouts impose a visible and durable effect on the general health of your body, but they are not (and never were) a panacea, and surely not an ultimate solution.

There are so many ways to lose weight fast without exercising at all! And they are equally effective for both men and women, offering scientifically proven results in the shortest time possible.

Keep reading and learn what we are talking about!

Drink a Lot of Water

Regarding weight loss, drinking water is highly beneficial for two main reasons.

Firstly, a major component that contributes to the feeling of hunger is the signaling that our brain gets from the stomach walls in their relaxed state. In short, when the stomach is empty, we’re more likely to feel hungry, and when its walls are stretched by the food inside – we feel full. If you always keep the walls of your stomach in a slightly stretched state by drinking plenty of water (and that’s zero-calorie stuff!), you minimize your chance to feel a sudden urge to eat something unhealthy and terribly high in calories.

Secondly, there’s this fabulous thing know as “thermogenic effect” – the ability of our bodies to increase and maintain their temperature. To always keep it at a stable level, we need to deal with the impact of different substances that we eat and drink. If it weren’t for that, an ice cream could be the reason for a significant (maybe even deadly, who knows?) drop in body temperature. Water is not an exception – it must be warmed up in our insides to preserve the heat of our bodies.

How significant is the energy expenditure in this case? Well, so that you know: drinking 2 liters of water daily amounts to roughly 95 kcal burned to warm it up from 22O (the average temperature of our environment) to 37o (the average temperature of our bodies. And as water itself is free from any calories – it is the only “negative-calorie” food out there, no matter what the media says.

Eat Smaller Portions from Smaller Plates

As funny as it may sound, size matters here. Some time ago scientists discovered that the size of your portion and plate significantly affect the amount of food you’re inclined to eat.

For example, one study has determined that a bigger portion may increase your overall energy intake by 30% – and that’s a lot. We may not always notice such things, but when summed up – they can result in a significant amount of calories. Eliminate these factors from your routine – and see the pounds vanish!

Say Goodbye to Soft Sugared Beverages

Yes, they are tasty as hell. Yes, they even provide some short-term energy for us to keep up with the crazy rhythm of modern life. But are you aware of the drawbacks of consuming soft drinks regularly?

Throughout the last decades, numerous studies were performed to discover the real effects of regular drinking of sweetened beverages. Later, several systematic reviews gathered all of the data into complex reports, and the results were not pleasant. Scientists have found that soft drinks increase drastically your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, as well as excess weight and obesity. Besides that, this research has shown that people who often drink sweetened beverages are less inclined to drink milk and dairy products, their calcium intake is significantly lower that the recommended, and this results in fragile bones and compromised metabolism in general.

The good news is that if you restrain from drinking sugared beverages at all, you’re much more likely to control your weight and drop some extra pounds!

As an alternative, you can either go with the “light” version of these beverages or switch towards drinking plain mineral water or fruit juices. In fact, anything is better

Keep Calm & Don’t Stress Out

As you might already know, stress is a major factor that contributes to the development of excess weight and obesity. Ever noticed how much we eat when depressed or tired? Yeah, that’s a universal behavior. By increasing our appetite and overall energy intake, our body chases two separate goals.

First of all, it tries to provide us with enough resources to fight the cause of our stress. This pattern was particularly important in the ancient times when any stress was linked with physical danger – thus requiring us either to fight back or to run. Nowadays, our everyday stress does not demand any extra expenditure of energy from us – so all of the ice cream, chocolate, and cookies that we eat while combating it get deposited in the form of shaky pounds on our waists, thighs, and bellies. Sigh.

Secondly, our body is much more inclined to overeat during stress because the tasty food is a universal source of endorphins – “happiness hormones,” which also serve as a means to emotionally fight the everyday stress.

As you see, all stressful roads lead to excess weight, one way or another.

So keep calm – and eat moderately!

Sleep Enough Every Night

To a certain extent, this point comes along with the previous advice: keep calm and don’t stress out. Sleep is an important factor for our emotional balance and inner well-being. Thus it should not be underestimated. Moreover, it was scientifically proven that an insufficient amount sleep is strongly associated with excess weight and obesity. What is the reason of that?

Maybe we have more time to eat when we sleep less; maybe we need another source of energy and endorphins when we’re away from our beds and pillows; maybe our whole metabolism gets messed up when we’re tired. One way or the other, sleep is important, so get enough of it to lose weight fast without exercise.

Try Out a Modern Dietary Supplement

After all, you’re not alone in your fight against excess weight.

The modern market of dietary supplements has some products that are fantastic regarding appetite suppression, weight loss and general improvement of one’s health. Of course, it takes time and experience to determine them and don’t get fooled by various fraudulent fakes, but as an alternative – you can just listen to a professional nutritionist and follow his or her recommendations.

We’ve taken our time to research the options available on the internet, analyzed reviews from real customers, checked their satisfaction and re-order rates, so we’re ready to give you a hint on what is the best diet pill nowadays. Its name is Phen375 – a real sensation regarding safety and effectiveness. Check out the official website for more information.

Don’t Forget About Sex!

As much as we’d want to figure out a workaround for physical exercises, they are quite remarkable nevertheless. But, hey, who said that they should be only in for of squats, push-ups, and bench presses?

Sexual intercourse can be quite significant regarding energy expenditure, according to several studies. Specifically, we’re talking about an average of 4.2 kcal per minute in men and 3.1 kcal per minute in women. At first glance, this does not look like something substantial, but imagine what a daily half an hour of sex could do to your body?

Besides that, sex is a powerful source of endorphins. As you know from reading the previous points on this list, sometimes people tend to overeat just for the sake of receiving a dose of happiness hormones. Such an approach can quickly turn into a problem for those of us who fail to find an alternative source of endorphins. The solution is simple: get yourself a hobby, live a happy life full of sex and other pleasant things. By keeping the level of endorphins stable and high, you’re protecting yourself from the incidental seduction of a bar of chocolate or some junk food. In other words, sex is a powerful ally in your weight loss course!

Stick to a Healthy Diet

If you want to lose weight, you should either increase your energy expenditure or lower your energy intake. The latter is done by following a healthy eating regime with plenty of fibers and proteins, yet low in carbohydrates and fats.

The internet is full of verified eating regimes, approved by professional nutritionists and tested by hundreds of dieters from all around the world. Just go out there, read a couple of reviews – and find the best diet for you! This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast without exercising at all.

As you see, exercising is not the only way to lose weight. Of course, it’s necessary and efficient, but other approaches are also quite satisfying – so why stick to just one?

Ideally, your weight loss course should be a multimodal one, approaching your problem from all sides available. Take your time to create the perfect dieting plan for you, establish a regular exercise routine, and maybe try out a scientifically backed dietary supplement. When all of these components are well-balanced and complementing one another, you can expect long-term and sustainable results; that’s for sure!