How Did Khloe Kardashian Lose Weight

The life of celebrities often fascinates us, mortals. We draw inspiration from their deeds, find motivation in their stories, and follow up their steps to get better at something or just improve our personal traits. When we see the amount of willpower behind the metamorphoses of famous actors preparing themselves for a particular role, or the killer training behind the results of Olympic athletes, or the dedication of famous women to keep their bodies in majestic form, we suddenly start believing in ourselves too.

An example of that is the story of Khloe Kardashian, the ex-“fat sister.”

The Story of Khloe Kardashian: Where Did the Motivation Come From?

Countless achievements have an unpleasant background to them, and Khloe’s weight loss is not an exception. Years ago, she was called the “fat sister,” being the curviest woman in the Kardashian family. Such labeling is always distressing, more so if you’re part of the beau monde, with millions of eyes fixed on you worldwide. And even though Khloe experiences this type of stigmatization starting from her youngest years, it took an unfortunate event to fill her with the burning dedication to change at last.

It all began with the hospitalization of Lamar Odom, Khloe’s husband. He had been admitted with a drug overdose in 2015, and his drug problems had not ceased up till the divorce of the couple in October 2016. Such problems are always a tremendous stress for a couple, and it is essential to find a healthy way out. Khloe found relief in losing weight, leading a healthy life and working out for hours in the gym.

And what is the result? Khloe looks great and shines with a powerful inner strength, even after her divorce with Lamar. She managed to change, to achieve a body she could be proud of.

We’ve gathered some of her secrets from all around the internet and tons of fancy magazines, and we’re ready to share it with you!

The Diet of Khloe Kardashian for Losing Weight

Rule #1: Never Skip Breakfast.

The first meal of your day is of particular importance, as it sets the pace of your metabolism. No matter how full is your schedule, always dedicate at least 5 minutes to eat something in the morning. According to Khloe Kardashian, her typical breakfast amounts to oatmeal and eggs: scrambled, hard-boiled or a yolk-free omelet. Another perfect morning meal is made from a banana and almond butter. If you skip this meal, chances are you’ll be starving in a couple of hours – and this makes you more likely to give in to a random fast food later.

Rule #2: Always Carry a Healthy Snack With You.

One of Khloe’s favorites is Justin’s Almond Butter, and it’s a great option, like any nut. An alternative to it could be seeds, dried or fresh fruits, or a light salad. By having these things at hand, you’ll be able to avoid eating junk food throughout the day and lose more weight!

Rule #3: Stick to the Same Foods

This rule is one of the most important parts of Khloe’s diet. By eating the same ingredients over and over, you’re giving your body the time needed to adjust its metabolism towards a better processing of these foods. Ultimately, such an approach results in better calorie cycling and less gained weight. For lunch, Khloe’s usual choice was a chicken salad, and her dinner was steamed vegetables and—you’ve guessed it—chicken again. All professional nutritionists recommend this approach, so Khloe made a smart choice in following it.

The Workout of Khloe Kardashian for Losing Weight

Eating the right foods in the right amounts isn’t enough to get you a dream body and Khloe knew that very well. In fact, she worked out like a beast during the last year by following a program that celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson created exclusively for her. Check it out!

  • Do the prescribed number of repetitions.
  • Rest for 10 to 30 seconds, not longer than that.
  • Do the set two to five times. Don’t forget to rest between sets (10 to 30 seconds).
  • Move to the next exercise.
  • Single-dumbbell clean and press: 8 – 12 reps
  • Banded 4 x 4 Walk: 20 – 30 steps in each direction
  • Overhead Crunch to Rotation: 10 reps, then switch direction of rotation
  • Renegade Row to Mountain Climber: alternate the row for 8 to 12 reps, then alternate the mountain climber for 20 to 30 reps.
  • Reverse Lunge to Press With High Knee: alternate for 10 to 16 reps each

This workout should be done two to three times per week, with at least a day of rest between the sessions. As an option, you can do just cardio on the resting days (treadmill run, swimming, aerobics, it’s your choice.)

This program is very intense, and it surely helps to lose weight as fast and steady as Khloe Kardashian did. But the most important thing isn’t the number of repetitions or sets, rather than that you should focus on your heartbeat. After all, you burn the stored fats only when your pulse rate is elevated, indicating a boosted metabolism. That is the reason why you should not rest for longer than 10 to 30 seconds between sets, as you need your heart to keep running at a faster rate than usual.

If Only Khloe Knew That Losing Weight Could Be So Much Easier

Okay, we admit it: Khloe is fantastic. Her dedication to exercising and a healthy diet, her amazing results, her “revenge body” – all of these things are admirable. But there’s a tiny workaround that could have helped her to achieve the same results much faster and easier if she’d only knew!

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In any case, the results that Khloe Kardashian achieved in losing weight are amazing and very motivational. And, what’s even better, she’s a bright example that anything is possible and achievable – it only takes time and dedication. Your dreams deserve to be fulfilled; your body deserves to be healthy, and you’ve absolutely earned every piece of happiness that you can get. So what’s the plan?

Let’s join Khloe in the healthy club of beautiful people!