Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

To some of us, the answer might be surprising, but it’s true: drinking water helps you to lose weight! How is that possible? Let’s explore the matter and check out the latest facts, backed by serious science.

Equipped with this information, you’ll be able to bring your weight loss course to a fundamentally higher level of efficacy, speed, and durability. Drink water – and wave goodbye to the loathsome fatty pounds!

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Fact #1: Drinking Water Reduces Appetite

The feeling of hunger we experience is the result of many factors combined, but perhaps the most important of them are blood glucose level and “fullness” of the stomach. While we cannot directly influence the first condition without eating something, the second one is easy to get round.

When the walls of the stomach are relaxed, they send specific impulses to the brain, which contribute to feeling hunger. Contrary to this scenario, when our stomach is full, its walls send “satiety” signals to the brain, indicating that “we’re good, stop eating already.”

By drinking water, you’ll be decreasing the feeling of hunger, ultimately eating less and losing weight!

Fact #2: A Healthy Water Balance Improves Physical Performance

The amount of work our muscles can perform efficiently depends on many factors, and one of them is our water balance. If you don’t drink enough, a workout session may end up with muscle cramps and terrible fatigue, eliminating any desire to continue exercising in the nearest couple of years.

How can this be avoided?

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), there are some hints to follow regarding hydration and physical activeness:

  • Women should drink 2.7 liters of water daily, while men should intake 3.7 liters
  • Before your exercise session, it is recommended to drink an additional 0.5 liters of water
  • Drink an extra glass (roughly 0.2 liters) during warm-up or 30 minutes before working out
  • Every half an hour of exercising, drink another glass
  • After finishing your session, drink another glass (around 0.2 liters) within the next 30 minutes
  • In the following day, drink 0.5 liters for each pound of weight loss

By following this easy recommendation, you’ll be able to increase your physical performance and exercise more efficiently, thus burn more pounds and get healthier in the long run!

Fact #3: Drinking More Water Helps You to Avoid Drinking Sugared Beverages

Our main reason for buying something to drink is that we feel thirsty. All the rest is a matter of chaotic (or mindful, luckily) choice.

For example, when we feel thirsty and enter a market, usually we pick the first beverage that we manage to find – and supermarket managers are talented enough to put sweetened soft drinks before our eyes on every step from the entrance. We buy them; we drink them, and we gain extra weight.

But the solution is simple: we just need to stay hydrated, and the impact of that is significant. Take this study as an example, which indicates that people who opted to drink enough water (1.5 liters per day) ingested less soft drinks and this resulted in almost 200 fewer calories daily.

That’s almost 1.7 pounds of fat per month, 20 pounds per year! Pour yourself a glass of water right now – and you’re heading the right way!

Fact #4: Water is the Only Negative-Calorie Food in the World

When we eat something, we intake calories, and if the amount of calories taken is significantly greater than the amount of calories burned, we gain weight. It is simple as that: calories in versus calories out.

During the last decades, people have been telling one another a ridiculous myth about “negative-calorie” foods – special meals or ingredients that do not contribute to your calorie intake level, and even burn previously stored calories for you! Examples of such foods usually included celery, fiber-rich vegetables, and some nuts.

Sadly, that’s only a myth. Every food has a positive calorie profile; the difference is only in the amount of calories you’ll get. With only one exception: water.

Water itself is calorie-free. Thus it physically can’t contribute to your calorie intake level. Moreover, your body will be spending some energy to heat the water you’ll take up to the temperature of your insides – from 22o C (71 F) to 37o C (98 F) on average. Ever wondered how much weight you can lose this way?

Every 2 liters of 22o C water that you drink will help you burn 95 kcal (around 400 kJ of energy)! There’s only one danger regarding this approach: do not try to drink ice-cold water to increase your energy expenditure for warming it up. Although this will work for sure, you will be putting your body under additional stress, and this can lead to the development of serious diseases, which are never worth the lost pounds.

After all, you want to be pretty AND healthy, don’t you?

Fact #5: Water is Essential for the Health of Your Skin

You might ask how this can influence your weight loss course – and the answer to this question is fascinating: associations. People are very susceptible to connections between things, to the point of letting one thing significantly influence the other, as well as our overall feeling about this stuff.

When we look pretty (or, rather than that, when we feel beautiful), we’re more inclined to lead a healthy life and do everything to preserve and cultivate this feeling of beauty. Thus, if you ensure yourself a healthy and beautiful thing, you’ll be much more likely to start exercising and eating more healthy food!

And water is essential for the health and beauty of your skin, as it improves elasticity, smoothness, and healing of incidental wounds.  Keep it lovely, and you’ll see the pounds vanish bit by bit!

The bottom line is that drinking water helps you to lose weight – without a doubt. But if you want to achieve significant results without waiting for months, you should consider taking safe and effective dietary supplement, made from ingredients with scientifically proven impact. Ideally, this weight loss pill should be created by an FDA approved facility and have hundreds of positive reviews from verified customers.

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No matter what weight loss strategy you decide to stick to, make sure always to drink enough water. After all, every human is around 70% H2O, so it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance of it!