Customers’ reviews on Phen375

  1. I had 15Ibs I intended to lose before the end this year, and therefore, I ordered Phen375. Upon using it for one month, I have noticed great results. I have honestly lost 12Ibs, and it has also improved my energy. There has been suppression on the level of appetite. I ordered two bottles of Phen375, and a discount was awarded, which I enjoyed. Phen375 is amazing; thus, I would recommend it to anyone willing to lose weight.
  2. Three months ago, I ordered two bottles of Phen375. It was delivered on time. After the pills for fifteen days, I noticed positive results. I had lost much of the body weight, and the craving for foods such as snacks had reduced significantly. Although the product was a bit expensive, its results are surprising. When I get enough money, I will purchase another dose of the same. Thank you.
  3. I ordered Phen375 pills two weeks ago. Have been taking the pills as per the instructions although I have not noticed any positive change in my body. The tablets were a bit expensive, and I feel it was not worth it. Just wanted to confirm from those who have experienced its positive effects whether it is indeed true. Cheers.
  4. I take two pills a day and so far, it is working for me. In the beginning, it did not feel like it worked and I was on the verge of losing hope. Upon continuous use, my appetite slowly reduced and in three weeks, I had lost 8Ibs. It is weird how such small pills can be of great importance.
  5. Phen375 is the best weight loss booster available in the market. I bought my first dose two months ago from the official website. It was delivered very quickly, a thing I did not expect. My appetite had indeed reduced for the first two weeks of usage. After two weeks I purchased another dose which has helped me. I have lost 20Ibs in the past months, and my energy has significantly improved. I would recommend that you try out the product for better results.
  6. Having read the many benefits of Phen375, I decided to buy a two week’s dose. I have taken the pills, and this is my second week. However, I have noticed no positive changes. Does it mean that the pills work differently in different individuals? Or does it mean that the product is just a scam? I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
  7. Thankyou phen375. My brother tried many other products but failed. I bought phen375 for him. His starting weight was 284Ibs, and upon using phen375 for five months, he was to reach 197Ibs. This a significant milestone that no other product out there can reach. Cheers.
  8. I have no time to exercise through the course of the day, and therefore, I thought phen375 would help me reduce my body size. I have been using the pills for the last three weeks, but it has not managed to reduce my body weight. My general appetite has not also changed, and I’m just worried. How long do such effects kick in?
  9. I saw some results when I used phen375 for six months. I had also to change the diet, and after two months I had lost a significant amount of weight. My appetite also reduced. It is with no doubt that phen375 is very useful and thus I can recommend it to those yearning to reduce weight.
  10. Phen375 is the best weight loss supplement ever. I even took pictures before and after phen375 use, which I will send to the manufacturer as well. I lost almost 15 pounds for the two months I was using the product. However, it is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. Anyone wishing such results can try out phen375. Cheers!!
  11. At last a product that works is there in the market. phen375 is my third product to try out. I regularly do exercises, and I eat a healthy diet, but with all these, I did not reach my weight loss goals with the previous two products. When I tried phen375, it perfectly worked out, and I’m indeed contented with the results. My appetite has gone down, and the body fats have significantly reduced. Phen375, the best pill ever. Thank you.
  12. I ordered my package two months ago, and the delivery was quick. I have been using phen375 for the last two months. At the start, I experienced mild stomach upsets but subsidized after two days of use. I started experiencing positive results in the third week of use. So far, I have not noticed any side effects. My energy has improved, and appetite has significantly reduced. An amazing product indeed.
  13. I recommend this product as much as possible. Despite it being expensive, its results are fantastic. I had tried so many other products, but none gave impressive results than phen375 did. Just try it, and you will not regret.
  14. This product did not work for me. It sucks, and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Upon using it for two months, I’m as fat as usual. I doubt the effectiveness of phen375.
  15. Hey there. Just my confession that you cannot go wrong with Phen375. I had tried to lose tummy fat with many products, but all was in vain. I tried many other methods such as eating healthy, exercising every day but with no results. After buying and using phen375 for four months, I lost the tummy fat completely. It has been five months since I stopped using the phen375 and my weight is still off. It is with no doubt that phen375 is the option in the market. Gracias.
  16. Phen375 was what I lacked in my life. After using it for two and a half months, I have gained back my proper body shape. I can now comfortably wear my favorite clothes. The product also improved my energy significantly, and I can now withstand exercises. The appetite levels have also reduced significantly. Thank you phen375.

Where to Buy Phen375


Phen375 is a diet product for weight loss. It improves metabolism, increases energy levels, and also suppresses the cravings for food.

Where to buy Phen375

Phen375 can be purchased online via the manufacturer’s official website. The cost of each bottle on the official website is $80. One does not require any prescription to buy the product. The customer selects the package they need from the website.

However, other online retailers of the product exist. They include; Amazon, and Walmart.

Buying Phen375 at Amazon

Amazon provides online retail shopping services. The following segments facilitate its operations; North America, International and Amazon Web Services. The company whose headquarter is in Seattle was founded by Jeffrey P. Bezos in 1994. It is one of the popular online stores available.

The customers have rated it 2.5 out of 5 stars. This an average rating proving dissatisfaction by quite a number of customers who have purchased the Phen375 via the Amazon store. There exist different customers’ reviews in each of the sellers at Amazon. The reviews are expected to be the same since they are selling the same product. This therefore, discredits the authenticity of the product thus creating suspicion among the customers. For example, Rob user sells phen375 and he has 98% customer reviews while Nicky has only 22% Amazon positive reviews. From such a scenario, it is more likely that Nicky is selling duplicate product at a lower price.

The price of $44 per bottle at Amazon is way too low as compared to that of the manufacturer, which is $80 per bottle. Since Amazon obtains the product from the manufacturer, selling the product at $44 implies that they are making a loss. This creates more doubt as the aim of any company out there is to make profit. There is no one who sells the product much cheaper than the official website. It is with no doubt that Amazon is selling a fake brand of phen375 at a lower price. This compromises with its quality and effectiveness.

The above facts outline the reasons why it is not advisable to buy phen375 from Amazon stores. This is because it can be very risky doing so. Phen375 is meant to be consumed by human beings. The likelihood of purchasing a fake product from Amazon is very high as it has been portrayed in the discussion above. The fake product has not meant the set standards such as the amount of each ingredient required to manufacture it. In the long run upon its use, it may not cause the intended results. It can also be dangerous for human consumption and may interfere with the normal body functioning. To avoid such scenario, it is advisable to purchase phen375 directly from the official product website.

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Buying Phen375 at eBay

eBay has its headquarter in California. It has been in existence for more than two decades. It is a famous online shopping store in the form of a website.

It is claimed that all the products available on eBay under the name of Phen375 are fake and counterfeited. It is therefore recommended not purchase the product via eBay platform. The reasons behind this claim have been postulated below.

The eBay allows people to create their account as either a buyer or seller. The account holder can sell almost every type of products except few prohibited products such as weapons. Due to such protocols, there exists no check and balance on products sold and purchased through the platform. It is easy to manipulate the quality of the product due to such reasons.

The other reason is that all the sellers on eBay work on the platform individually. There is also no legal connection between the official website of the product and the sellers on eBay. These create a loophole where a seller can sneak fake Phen375 under the official name of the manufacturer.

The abnormal price of the product on eBay is also another reason. Sometimes the cost of Phen375 is too high on eBay. In such a circumstance it is reasonable to purchase it at a lower price on the manufacturer’s official website. It is also sometimes very low as compared to the official website. This creates doubt whether the product has meant the standard of quality. Normally, low quality products retail at a very low cost.

Upon buying the product on eBay, the customers are not subjected to special services. Through eBay, no discounts are offered unlike through the official website. There is also zero refund policy when one buys Phen375 through eBay. However, through the official website, returning the product option is available. Finally, there is no customer service as eBay does not take responsibility for the product purchased. This unlike through the official website.

All the above-discussed reasons rule out the importance of purchasing Phen375 through eBay. For effective and quality product, it is therefore prudent to buy Phen375 directly from the official website.

Buying Phen375 at Walmart

Walmart is another online store. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas. One is not recommended to buy Phen375 through their platform. There are so many claims that they offer fake Phen375 which is of low quality. There exist varying prices of the same product on their platform creating suspicion on its quality. Also, through the platform, the customer is not entitled to services such as discounts unlike through the official website. There exist many negative reviews by the customers who have bought the product through this platform. For such reasons, it is with no doubt that buying Phen375 through the official website is the most convenient.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Phen375?

Weight loss products are very sensitive and one is required to be very careful when purchasing them. One should choose the product that is of high quality and with few or no side effects. The product should also not compromise with the health of the consumer. Phen375 has been recommended as one of the best regarding weight loss. Buying Phen375 is very simple, but it is recommendable to follow the advice given above. The product is sold through the official website and also through other online retailers such as Amazon. Such online retailers have been proved to be selling counterfeit Phen375, which is of low quality. To avoid such a scenario, it is therefore, advisable to buy the product directly from the official website.

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How Did Khloe Kardashian Lose Weight

The life of celebrities often fascinates us, mortals. We draw inspiration from their deeds, find motivation in their stories, and follow up their steps to get better at something or just improve our personal traits. When we see the amount of willpower behind the metamorphoses of famous actors preparing themselves for a particular role, or the killer training behind the results of Olympic athletes, or the dedication of famous women to keep their bodies in majestic form, we suddenly start believing in ourselves too.

An example of that is the story of Khloe Kardashian, the ex-“fat sister.”

The Story of Khloe Kardashian: Where Did the Motivation Come From?

Countless achievements have an unpleasant background to them, and Khloe’s weight loss is not an exception. Years ago, she was called the “fat sister,” being the curviest woman in the Kardashian family. Such labeling is always distressing, more so if you’re part of the beau monde, with millions of eyes fixed on you worldwide. And even though Khloe experiences this type of stigmatization starting from her youngest years, it took an unfortunate event to fill her with the burning dedication to change at last.

It all began with the hospitalization of Lamar Odom, Khloe’s husband. He had been admitted with a drug overdose in 2015, and his drug problems had not ceased up till the divorce of the couple in October 2016. Such problems are always a tremendous stress for a couple, and it is essential to find a healthy way out. Khloe found relief in losing weight, leading a healthy life and working out for hours in the gym.

And what is the result? Khloe looks great and shines with a powerful inner strength, even after her divorce with Lamar. She managed to change, to achieve a body she could be proud of.

We’ve gathered some of her secrets from all around the internet and tons of fancy magazines, and we’re ready to share it with you!

The Diet of Khloe Kardashian for Losing Weight

Rule #1: Never Skip Breakfast.

The first meal of your day is of particular importance, as it sets the pace of your metabolism. No matter how full is your schedule, always dedicate at least 5 minutes to eat something in the morning. According to Khloe Kardashian, her typical breakfast amounts to oatmeal and eggs: scrambled, hard-boiled or a yolk-free omelet. Another perfect morning meal is made from a banana and almond butter. If you skip this meal, chances are you’ll be starving in a couple of hours – and this makes you more likely to give in to a random fast food later.

Rule #2: Always Carry a Healthy Snack With You.

One of Khloe’s favorites is Justin’s Almond Butter, and it’s a great option, like any nut. An alternative to it could be seeds, dried or fresh fruits, or a light salad. By having these things at hand, you’ll be able to avoid eating junk food throughout the day and lose more weight!

Rule #3: Stick to the Same Foods

This rule is one of the most important parts of Khloe’s diet. By eating the same ingredients over and over, you’re giving your body the time needed to adjust its metabolism towards a better processing of these foods. Ultimately, such an approach results in better calorie cycling and less gained weight. For lunch, Khloe’s usual choice was a chicken salad, and her dinner was steamed vegetables and—you’ve guessed it—chicken again. All professional nutritionists recommend this approach, so Khloe made a smart choice in following it.

The Workout of Khloe Kardashian for Losing Weight

Eating the right foods in the right amounts isn’t enough to get you a dream body and Khloe knew that very well. In fact, she worked out like a beast during the last year by following a program that celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson created exclusively for her. Check it out!

  • Do the prescribed number of repetitions.
  • Rest for 10 to 30 seconds, not longer than that.
  • Do the set two to five times. Don’t forget to rest between sets (10 to 30 seconds).
  • Move to the next exercise.
  • Single-dumbbell clean and press: 8 – 12 reps
  • Banded 4 x 4 Walk: 20 – 30 steps in each direction
  • Overhead Crunch to Rotation: 10 reps, then switch direction of rotation
  • Renegade Row to Mountain Climber: alternate the row for 8 to 12 reps, then alternate the mountain climber for 20 to 30 reps.
  • Reverse Lunge to Press With High Knee: alternate for 10 to 16 reps each

This workout should be done two to three times per week, with at least a day of rest between the sessions. As an option, you can do just cardio on the resting days (treadmill run, swimming, aerobics, it’s your choice.)

This program is very intense, and it surely helps to lose weight as fast and steady as Khloe Kardashian did. But the most important thing isn’t the number of repetitions or sets, rather than that you should focus on your heartbeat. After all, you burn the stored fats only when your pulse rate is elevated, indicating a boosted metabolism. That is the reason why you should not rest for longer than 10 to 30 seconds between sets, as you need your heart to keep running at a faster rate than usual.

If Only Khloe Knew That Losing Weight Could Be So Much Easier

Okay, we admit it: Khloe is fantastic. Her dedication to exercising and a healthy diet, her amazing results, her “revenge body” – all of these things are admirable. But there’s a tiny workaround that could have helped her to achieve the same results much faster and easier if she’d only knew!

We’re talking about Phen375, the best weight loss pill on the modern market. It is made in an FDA approved facility using only those ingredients that are backed by science, absolutely safe and unbelievably useful. With Phen375, losing weight is finally easy and pleasant – and thousands of customers from all around the world have already confirmed that. Visit the official website for more details and start shaping the body of your dreams today!

In any case, the results that Khloe Kardashian achieved in losing weight are amazing and very motivational. And, what’s even better, she’s a bright example that anything is possible and achievable – it only takes time and dedication. Your dreams deserve to be fulfilled; your body deserves to be healthy, and you’ve absolutely earned every piece of happiness that you can get. So what’s the plan?

Let’s join Khloe in the healthy club of beautiful people!

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

To some of us, the answer might be surprising, but it’s true: drinking water helps you to lose weight! How is that possible? Let’s explore the matter and check out the latest facts, backed by serious science.

Equipped with this information, you’ll be able to bring your weight loss course to a fundamentally higher level of efficacy, speed, and durability. Drink water – and wave goodbye to the loathsome fatty pounds!

glass with health

Fact #1: Drinking Water Reduces Appetite

The feeling of hunger we experience is the result of many factors combined, but perhaps the most important of them are blood glucose level and “fullness” of the stomach. While we cannot directly influence the first condition without eating something, the second one is easy to get round.

When the walls of the stomach are relaxed, they send specific impulses to the brain, which contribute to feeling hunger. Contrary to this scenario, when our stomach is full, its walls send “satiety” signals to the brain, indicating that “we’re good, stop eating already.”

By drinking water, you’ll be decreasing the feeling of hunger, ultimately eating less and losing weight!

Fact #2: A Healthy Water Balance Improves Physical Performance

The amount of work our muscles can perform efficiently depends on many factors, and one of them is our water balance. If you don’t drink enough, a workout session may end up with muscle cramps and terrible fatigue, eliminating any desire to continue exercising in the nearest couple of years.

How can this be avoided?

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), there are some hints to follow regarding hydration and physical activeness:

  • Women should drink 2.7 liters of water daily, while men should intake 3.7 liters
  • Before your exercise session, it is recommended to drink an additional 0.5 liters of water
  • Drink an extra glass (roughly 0.2 liters) during warm-up or 30 minutes before working out
  • Every half an hour of exercising, drink another glass
  • After finishing your session, drink another glass (around 0.2 liters) within the next 30 minutes
  • In the following day, drink 0.5 liters for each pound of weight loss

By following this easy recommendation, you’ll be able to increase your physical performance and exercise more efficiently, thus burn more pounds and get healthier in the long run!

Fact #3: Drinking More Water Helps You to Avoid Drinking Sugared Beverages

Our main reason for buying something to drink is that we feel thirsty. All the rest is a matter of chaotic (or mindful, luckily) choice.

For example, when we feel thirsty and enter a market, usually we pick the first beverage that we manage to find – and supermarket managers are talented enough to put sweetened soft drinks before our eyes on every step from the entrance. We buy them; we drink them, and we gain extra weight.

But the solution is simple: we just need to stay hydrated, and the impact of that is significant. Take this study as an example, which indicates that people who opted to drink enough water (1.5 liters per day) ingested less soft drinks and this resulted in almost 200 fewer calories daily.

That’s almost 1.7 pounds of fat per month, 20 pounds per year! Pour yourself a glass of water right now – and you’re heading the right way!

Fact #4: Water is the Only Negative-Calorie Food in the World

When we eat something, we intake calories, and if the amount of calories taken is significantly greater than the amount of calories burned, we gain weight. It is simple as that: calories in versus calories out.

During the last decades, people have been telling one another a ridiculous myth about “negative-calorie” foods – special meals or ingredients that do not contribute to your calorie intake level, and even burn previously stored calories for you! Examples of such foods usually included celery, fiber-rich vegetables, and some nuts.

Sadly, that’s only a myth. Every food has a positive calorie profile; the difference is only in the amount of calories you’ll get. With only one exception: water.

Water itself is calorie-free. Thus it physically can’t contribute to your calorie intake level. Moreover, your body will be spending some energy to heat the water you’ll take up to the temperature of your insides – from 22o C (71 F) to 37o C (98 F) on average. Ever wondered how much weight you can lose this way?

Every 2 liters of 22o C water that you drink will help you burn 95 kcal (around 400 kJ of energy)! There’s only one danger regarding this approach: do not try to drink ice-cold water to increase your energy expenditure for warming it up. Although this will work for sure, you will be putting your body under additional stress, and this can lead to the development of serious diseases, which are never worth the lost pounds.

After all, you want to be pretty AND healthy, don’t you?

Fact #5: Water is Essential for the Health of Your Skin

You might ask how this can influence your weight loss course – and the answer to this question is fascinating: associations. People are very susceptible to connections between things, to the point of letting one thing significantly influence the other, as well as our overall feeling about this stuff.

When we look pretty (or, rather than that, when we feel beautiful), we’re more inclined to lead a healthy life and do everything to preserve and cultivate this feeling of beauty. Thus, if you ensure yourself a healthy and beautiful thing, you’ll be much more likely to start exercising and eating more healthy food!

And water is essential for the health and beauty of your skin, as it improves elasticity, smoothness, and healing of incidental wounds.  Keep it lovely, and you’ll see the pounds vanish bit by bit!

The bottom line is that drinking water helps you to lose weight – without a doubt. But if you want to achieve significant results without waiting for months, you should consider taking safe and effective dietary supplement, made from ingredients with scientifically proven impact. Ideally, this weight loss pill should be created by an FDA approved facility and have hundreds of positive reviews from verified customers.

We’ve taken our time to research and analyze, and now we can present you with the undisputable leader of the current dietary supplement market: Phen375. Check out the official website for more details and see for yourself how easy and pleasant it can be to lose weight!

No matter what weight loss strategy you decide to stick to, make sure always to drink enough water. After all, every human is around 70% H2O, so it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance of it!

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise (for both Men and Women)

Everybody knows that exercising is important to manage your weight, yet few notice how often people overestimate this importance. Yes, workouts impose a visible and durable effect on the general health of your body, but they are not (and never were) a panacea, and surely not an ultimate solution.

There are so many ways to lose weight fast without exercising at all! And they are equally effective for both men and women, offering scientifically proven results in the shortest time possible.

Keep reading and learn what we are talking about!

Drink a Lot of Water

Regarding weight loss, drinking water is highly beneficial for two main reasons.

Firstly, a major component that contributes to the feeling of hunger is the signaling that our brain gets from the stomach walls in their relaxed state. In short, when the stomach is empty, we’re more likely to feel hungry, and when its walls are stretched by the food inside – we feel full. If you always keep the walls of your stomach in a slightly stretched state by drinking plenty of water (and that’s zero-calorie stuff!), you minimize your chance to feel a sudden urge to eat something unhealthy and terribly high in calories.

Secondly, there’s this fabulous thing know as “thermogenic effect” – the ability of our bodies to increase and maintain their temperature. To always keep it at a stable level, we need to deal with the impact of different substances that we eat and drink. If it weren’t for that, an ice cream could be the reason for a significant (maybe even deadly, who knows?) drop in body temperature. Water is not an exception – it must be warmed up in our insides to preserve the heat of our bodies.

How significant is the energy expenditure in this case? Well, so that you know: drinking 2 liters of water daily amounts to roughly 95 kcal burned to warm it up from 22O (the average temperature of our environment) to 37o (the average temperature of our bodies. And as water itself is free from any calories – it is the only “negative-calorie” food out there, no matter what the media says.

Eat Smaller Portions from Smaller Plates

As funny as it may sound, size matters here. Some time ago scientists discovered that the size of your portion and plate significantly affect the amount of food you’re inclined to eat.

For example, one study has determined that a bigger portion may increase your overall energy intake by 30% – and that’s a lot. We may not always notice such things, but when summed up – they can result in a significant amount of calories. Eliminate these factors from your routine – and see the pounds vanish!

Say Goodbye to Soft Sugared Beverages

Yes, they are tasty as hell. Yes, they even provide some short-term energy for us to keep up with the crazy rhythm of modern life. But are you aware of the drawbacks of consuming soft drinks regularly?

Throughout the last decades, numerous studies were performed to discover the real effects of regular drinking of sweetened beverages. Later, several systematic reviews gathered all of the data into complex reports, and the results were not pleasant. Scientists have found that soft drinks increase drastically your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, as well as excess weight and obesity. Besides that, this research has shown that people who often drink sweetened beverages are less inclined to drink milk and dairy products, their calcium intake is significantly lower that the recommended, and this results in fragile bones and compromised metabolism in general.

The good news is that if you restrain from drinking sugared beverages at all, you’re much more likely to control your weight and drop some extra pounds!

As an alternative, you can either go with the “light” version of these beverages or switch towards drinking plain mineral water or fruit juices. In fact, anything is better

Keep Calm & Don’t Stress Out

As you might already know, stress is a major factor that contributes to the development of excess weight and obesity. Ever noticed how much we eat when depressed or tired? Yeah, that’s a universal behavior. By increasing our appetite and overall energy intake, our body chases two separate goals.

First of all, it tries to provide us with enough resources to fight the cause of our stress. This pattern was particularly important in the ancient times when any stress was linked with physical danger – thus requiring us either to fight back or to run. Nowadays, our everyday stress does not demand any extra expenditure of energy from us – so all of the ice cream, chocolate, and cookies that we eat while combating it get deposited in the form of shaky pounds on our waists, thighs, and bellies. Sigh.

Secondly, our body is much more inclined to overeat during stress because the tasty food is a universal source of endorphins – “happiness hormones,” which also serve as a means to emotionally fight the everyday stress.

As you see, all stressful roads lead to excess weight, one way or another.

So keep calm – and eat moderately!

Sleep Enough Every Night

To a certain extent, this point comes along with the previous advice: keep calm and don’t stress out. Sleep is an important factor for our emotional balance and inner well-being. Thus it should not be underestimated. Moreover, it was scientifically proven that an insufficient amount sleep is strongly associated with excess weight and obesity. What is the reason of that?

Maybe we have more time to eat when we sleep less; maybe we need another source of energy and endorphins when we’re away from our beds and pillows; maybe our whole metabolism gets messed up when we’re tired. One way or the other, sleep is important, so get enough of it to lose weight fast without exercise.

Try Out a Modern Dietary Supplement

After all, you’re not alone in your fight against excess weight.

The modern market of dietary supplements has some products that are fantastic regarding appetite suppression, weight loss and general improvement of one’s health. Of course, it takes time and experience to determine them and don’t get fooled by various fraudulent fakes, but as an alternative – you can just listen to a professional nutritionist and follow his or her recommendations.

We’ve taken our time to research the options available on the internet, analyzed reviews from real customers, checked their satisfaction and re-order rates, so we’re ready to give you a hint on what is the best diet pill nowadays. Its name is Phen375 – a real sensation regarding safety and effectiveness. Check out the official website for more information.

Don’t Forget About Sex!

As much as we’d want to figure out a workaround for physical exercises, they are quite remarkable nevertheless. But, hey, who said that they should be only in for of squats, push-ups, and bench presses?

Sexual intercourse can be quite significant regarding energy expenditure, according to several studies. Specifically, we’re talking about an average of 4.2 kcal per minute in men and 3.1 kcal per minute in women. At first glance, this does not look like something substantial, but imagine what a daily half an hour of sex could do to your body?

Besides that, sex is a powerful source of endorphins. As you know from reading the previous points on this list, sometimes people tend to overeat just for the sake of receiving a dose of happiness hormones. Such an approach can quickly turn into a problem for those of us who fail to find an alternative source of endorphins. The solution is simple: get yourself a hobby, live a happy life full of sex and other pleasant things. By keeping the level of endorphins stable and high, you’re protecting yourself from the incidental seduction of a bar of chocolate or some junk food. In other words, sex is a powerful ally in your weight loss course!

Stick to a Healthy Diet

If you want to lose weight, you should either increase your energy expenditure or lower your energy intake. The latter is done by following a healthy eating regime with plenty of fibers and proteins, yet low in carbohydrates and fats.

The internet is full of verified eating regimes, approved by professional nutritionists and tested by hundreds of dieters from all around the world. Just go out there, read a couple of reviews – and find the best diet for you! This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast without exercising at all.

As you see, exercising is not the only way to lose weight. Of course, it’s necessary and efficient, but other approaches are also quite satisfying – so why stick to just one?

Ideally, your weight loss course should be a multimodal one, approaching your problem from all sides available. Take your time to create the perfect dieting plan for you, establish a regular exercise routine, and maybe try out a scientifically backed dietary supplement. When all of these components are well-balanced and complementing one another, you can expect long-term and sustainable results; that’s for sure!

How Fast Do Anorexics Lose Weight

Let’s face it: all of us have been wondering from time to time about how fast anorexics lose weight, or what is the reason of that, or what is this anorexia thing at all. Time to get ourselves some answers!

And we’ll be starting from the very beginning, from the fundamentals of the problem.

What is Anorexia?

The word “anorexia” comes from the Latin language and it literally means “no appetite” (“an” – denial + “orexis” – appetite). This phenomenon may be caused by a great variety of diseases (often harmless) or be a stand-alone condition, in which case it’s called either Anorexia Nervosa or Anorexia Mirabilis in most of the cases.

Is Anorexia Always Something Serious?

Answer: no. Although the word itself sounds somewhat tragic and grim, anorexia isn’t always related to something serious or life-threatening. For example, it is normal to feel a lack or absence of appetite during a common cold or a mild bacterial infection. In fact, this state is the “Anorexia of infection,” an essential part of the acute phase response.

Another fairly common reason of anorexia is dehydration. You can experience it yourself on hot summer days when you’re not too inclined to think about food, yet images of drinks of all sorts flood your mind.

That said, anorexia can be a manifestation of many life-threatening conditions too, including AIDS, cancer, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and even mental disorders. But when we’re interested in how fast do anorexics lose weight, we’re usually curious about one of the stand-alone clinical conditions, and that’s either Anorexia Nervosa or Anorexia Mirabilis.

What Is Anorexia Mirabilis?

This type of anorexia is extremely rare, almost “extinct” in modern times (if we can say something like that about a disease). The name means “miraculous lack of appetite,” referring to an extreme form of religious fasting, during which adepts of a particular belief would starve themselves in the name of a Deity.

Anorexia Mirabilis was rather common during the ecstatic Medieval Ages among women and young girls, who perceived this as an act of serving God or as retribution for their sins. Regarding psychology, this is a shift of needs, during which a certain need becomes so powerful that it displaces all (or many) others. In this case, the necessity of retribution, cleansing or “love of God” was perceived as much more important than the physical need of eating – thus the feeling of hunger itself was thrown aside.

People with anorexia mirabilis could quickly starve themselves to death, and later be beatified by the church. An example of that is Blessed Columba of Rieti.

What Is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa, or often just anorexia, is an eating disorder characterized first of all by a significant lack of appetite – just as the name implies. This state is accompanied by weight loss, fear of gaining weight, an overwhelming desire to be as thin as possible, significant restrictions in eating behavior, and changes in one’s perception of one’s real weight.

Anorexia Nervosa is the condition that the media has in mind when it tells us how much kilos a certain model has lost in the last months, or that Angelina Jolie now weighs less than 70 pounds. This is the reason for hundreds of top models to bring themselves to the verge of starvation for the sake of having the “perfect” body. As a self-imposed torture, a dangerous obsession that should not be underestimated, anorexia transforms the noble desire for a beautiful body into a distorted perception that can ruin lives.

What is the Cause of Anorexia Nervosa?

Throughout the years, many scientists hypothesized many causes of anorexia, including biological, sociological and psychological factors. Some people blame the influence of modern media; others affirm that this condition is the result of hormonal imbalance – one way or the other, the result is the same.

Anorexia, regardless of its cause, is a dangerous state of progressive weight loss due to a significant lack of appetite up to a complete absence of it.

So, How Fast Do Anorexics Lose Weight?

Now that we know what anorexia is and what types it is divided into, we could easily answer this question, right? Not exactly. Every human being is unique, with peculiar psychological and biological traits that make any process (weight loss included) different from one case to the other.

How fast a particular person can lose weight is highly dependent on his or her original weight, body and personality type, the level of physical activeness, and possible hidden pathological processes. There is no universal answer to the question above, just some statistics.

Also, take into account that we will be mentioning numbers for weight loss related to extreme anorexia, meaning that the hypothesized person would be completely deprived of any food (thus being in a state of starvation), but allowed to drink water at will.

Several studies and reports affirm that an average person in a state of anorexia can lose up to:

  • 2 pounds per day during the first week of starvation
  • 1 pounds per day during days 7-10 of starvation
  • 6 – 0.8 lbs per day after day 10

On average, we’re talking about around 30 pounds in a month, which is an enormous amount for your health. Remember that your body is meant to be a well-balanced system, so any quick changes do not bring any good even if faced in the right direction. Anorexia is NOT something you’d like to experience, and never something you should try out to lose weight.

Is There a Way To Lose Weight As Significantly As During Anorexia, But Safe And Healthy?

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With Phen375, your battle against excess weight is over – and you’re the ultimate winner.

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Using Epsom Salt Bath to Promote Weight Loss

Reviews are mixed in the use of Epsom Salt Bath for weight loss. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that Epsom Salt contributes to weight loss.  However, some people claim this method does work for them. Supporters allege that absorbing Epsom Salt through the skin during a bath causes a toxin releasing effect which, they believe, increases weight loss.

How Does It Work?

Contrary to the name, Epsom Salt is not actually a salt at all. It is a natural compound of magnesium and sulfate. When used in bathwater, the body does absorb the magnesium and sulfate. To use Epsom Salt as a weight loss aid start running warm water into a bath. Add Epsom Salt as the water is running to help it to dissolve properly. For your first time, add one tablespoon, gradually increasing the amount of Epsom Salt to two cups each time you soak in the bath. Do not increase the amount of Epsom Salt beyond two cups. Increasing the quantity of Epsom Salt too quickly can result in mood swings and restlessness. Some supporters suggest adding apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and even ginger to increase the benefits of this detox bath. Adding apple cider vinegar helps to relieve joint pain and stiffness. The addition of baking soda, in theory, pulls more toxins from the body. Ginger is said to open pores, allowing the individual to sweat more, theoretically releasing more toxins. Adding essential oils, such as lavender, can help the bath be a more relaxing experience.

Opinions vary as to how often this bath should be used. Some people recommend daily use, others prefer to use every other day. The Epsom Salt is supposed to begin pulling toxins from the body once the bathwater cools. Recommendations for soaking times vary widely. Some recommend a short 10-minute soak, others say no more than thirty minutes, and still others say to soak for at least 40 minutes.

Cautionary Measures

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids while using this method of weight loss to avoid dehydration. Consult a doctor before trying this if you have any health conditions. Do not attempt this method at all if you are pregnant, diabetic, have a heart condition, or have any type of kidney condition. Avoid making the bath water too hot.  Use caution when standing up after soaking in the water. Soaking in hot bathwater may cause dizziness upon standing, which increases the likeliness of a fall.

Be careful you don’t swallow the bathwater. When Epsom Salt is ingested, it can have a laxative like effect. Swallowing large amounts of Epsom Salt can raise your magnesium to dangerous levels. If you happen to swallow a large quantity, watch for symptoms such as drowsiness and vomiting. See a physician if you experience any of these symptoms. Digesting high levels of Epsom Salt can even result in coma.

Expert Statements

Experts disagree with the theory that an Epsom Salt bath is an effective weight loss tool. There is no scientific evidence to support the belief that Epsom Salt pulls toxins from the body. Epsom salt does help to supplement the body’s magnesium levels. It has been widely promoted for use in baths to help relax the body and relieve muscle and joint aches. Some people use Epsom Salt in a bath to help them relax before going to sleep.

Expert opinion is that any weight loss that occurs when using this method is most likely the result of water weight loss because the person has been sweating in the hot bath water. They emphasize that any results will be temporary. Within two to three days, the weight will probably be put on. So, if you need to drop a couple pounds quickly to fit into that outfit for a special occasion, this may be worth a try. But, if you are looking for long lasting results, this may not be such a good option.

Better Options

After reading this article, you may have decided that Epsom Salt bath is not an effective weight loss method. Or, perhaps you have tried the method and did not achieve the results you were after. There are other, more proven options to try. Weight loss is most likely to be achieved and maintained with healthy lifestyle changes. Consider changing eating patterns and adding exercise to your daily activities.

Our bodies burn calories as we expend energy. If we consume more calories than we burn off, the extra calories are stored in our bodies as fat. By consuming less calories than we use, we lose weight because the body begins to burn stored fat to produce energy. Therefore, switching existing eating routines to a calorie deficit plan is an effective way to lose weight.  Adding exercise to daily routines is a method of increasing the energy our body use. It also builds muscle, which raises the metabolism, allowing the body to burn more fat. Making it a habit to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly not only increases weight loss, it also assures the weight loss will be better maintained.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable way to lose weight at a faster pace, consider adding Phen375 to your diet and exercise plan. This is an all-natural weight-loss supplement with an overwhelmingly amount of positive customer reviews. It does not claim to be a miracle cure to help you lose weight. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy, low-calorie, high-protein diet, and exercise routine. Exercise videos and eating plans are provided on the official website as on option for customers. Searching the internet, it is easy to find thousands of customer reviews that testify to the effectiveness of Phen375. Further, it has the highest percentage of positive customer reviews on sites like E-bay, Amazon, and Walmart. Phen375 works by helping to control appetite while increasing metabolism. For these reasons, Phen375 is the only weight loss supplement we recommend to our readers.

How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Let’s start by pointing out that losing weight during pregnancy should only take place under the advisement and close supervision of your OB/GYN. It is normal to lose some weight during the first trimester of pregnancy due to morning sickness and hormonal changes. Reducing food intake is not healthy for the developing baby. Having said that, eating a healthy diet and exercising are encouraged during pregnancy. Rather than trying to lose weight, a pregnant woman should concentrate instead on eating healthy to avoid any unnecessary weight gain.

Healthy Eating

Focus should be on eating nutrient rich foods and drinking plenty of water. The pregnant woman should over-loading on processed carbs, which have very little nutritional value and high calorie levels. She should Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables she consumes. She should work to eliminate soft drinks, replacing them with water or 100% natural juices. And, of course, she should be sure to take her prenatal vitamins. She should try to eliminate processed food from her diet. Processed foods typically contain little nutritional value, are high in calories, and tend to be loaded with sodium. The sodium can trigger high blood pressure and other complications. Pregnant women should try to eat food in its natural form whenever possible.

The expectant mother should consider eating five to six small meals throughout the day rather than three larger meals. Eating this way keeps her from being incredibly hungry between meals, which may result in binge-snacking on unhealthy foods.  She could plan a small breakfast, a mid-morning snack (fruit, or nuts or the like), a small lunch, a mid-afternoon snack (perhaps a pro-biotic yogurt?) a small dinner and perhaps a before bed snack. Eating small meals throughout the day also keeps insulin levels in balance, which may help decrease mood swings. A bonus, particularly for pregnant women, is that smaller amounts of foods are more easily digested. This can be especially beneficial as the baby grows and puts more pressure on the digestive organs.

Folic acid is important to pregnant women. It helps to prevent defects of the baby’s brain and spinal cord. It can be found in foods like oranges, strawberries, spinach, beans, and broccoli. Be sure to include these in your diet.


Expectant mothers should engage in low impact exercises to prevent falls and injury to herself or her baby. Exercises such as walking, biking, swimming and dancing fall into the category of low impact exercises. In addition, there are several exercise videos that are specifically tailored toward pregnant women.  Exercise helps to reduce pregnancy aches, improves sleep, elevates mood levels, and lowers the risks of complications, such as gestational diabetes. There are studies that have shown that when a pregnant woman exercises regularly, the baby’s brain development is improved. Exercising consistently throughout pregnancy also has a positive effect on the labor and delivery process.


Pregnant women need to use caution to avoid over exerting themselves. They should not exercise in extremely hot or humid environments.  Exercise is not advisable without OB/GYN approval if she has been diagnosed with a low placenta or a weak cervix. She should also avoid exercise if she has bleeding or spotting. If she has a history of miscarriages or premature births, she should be sure to consult your OB/GYN before engaging in physical activity.

Certain exercises should be avoided altogether during pregnancy. Contact sports, or any sport that presents a fall risk should be avoided. Weight lifting, which puts undo pressure on the abdomen should not be performed. Sit-ups should also be avoided for this reason.  Activities that require a quick change in motion, such as basketball, should be avoided. Pregnant women should also avoid activities such as jumping, skipping and running as these activities present too high of a risk to the pregnancy.

Pregnant women should drink plenty of water during physical activity. While it is recommended for everyone who engages in physical activity to drink water to avoid dehydration, pregnancy is a time when extra attention needs to be paid to this. Dehydration can cause several complications, including premature labor.

Post Pregnancy

If pregnant women exercise throughout their pregnancy, and eat nutrient rich foods without all the extra, empty calories, it will be easier to shed the weight after the pregnancy. If the new mother is nursing her baby, she will not be able to follow a reduced calorie diet until she finishes breast feeding. However, she should maintain eating those nutrient rich foods that she started eating during pregnancy. These will help to prevent extra pounds from creeping up. Some studies have shown that nursing mothers lose weight more at a faster rate, initially, than mothers who choose not to, or are unable to nurse their babies.

If the new mother is not nursing her baby, she may begin to follow a reduced calorie diet. Remember calories in minus calories out is the difference between weight loss or weight gain. If the body brings in more calories than it burns, the result is a gain of weight. If the body burns more calories than it spends, the result is weight loss.

Physical activities may be increased, once approval has been given from the OB/GYN. This approval is usually granted at around the six-week check-up.  Once the approval has been given, new moms should ease into a regular routine that consists of both cardiovascular (aerobic) and strength training exercises. She should start workouts only one or two days each week, slowly increasing as she builds stamina back. She can walk on the days she doesn’t do other workout activities. This may help the new mom reach her goals faster.

In Conclusion

While pregnancy is not the time to focus on losing weight, unless it is recommended by a doctor, it is a time to focus on overall health. Expectant mothers need to be mindful of the nutritional value of the foods they eat, and the types and amounts of exercise they get. This is important to the health of the growing baby. It is also helps during the labor and delivery process. Being intentional about food and exercise throughout the pregnancy will help the mother to achieve her weight loss goals more efficiently once the baby is born and she has received approval to exercise from her doctor.

Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

There are certain foods that all those seeking to lose weight should avoid, no matter what method or approach they are using to obtain their weight loss goals. For optimal health, foods that are high in nutritional value are preferred over processed/empty calorie foods. Certain types of food inhibit weight loss efforts. The foods mentioned in this article are only guidelines of foods to avoid. This is by no means an exhaustive list of foods that should be avoided while trying to lose weight.           


Drinks are often an overlooked category when it comes to changing habits while addressing weight loss issues. However, beverages can easily make or break dieting efforts. Avoid high calorie, low nutritional value drinks such as these:

  1. Soda
  2. Whole milk
  3. Milk shakes/smoothies: particularly store bought or from restaurants. If you simply must give into a craving for one of these, make it at home so you know what is going into it.
  4. Coffee Drinks: Black coffee is fine, but restrict or eliminate coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and frappes.
  5. Alcohol: It should be noted that some studies show moderate wine consumption may be beneficial to weight loss efforts. However, other forms of alcohol, particularly beer, is detrimental to weight loss.
  6. Store bought juices: Either eat whole fruits, or consider using a juicer or extractor to make homemade drinks. This option ensures that the juice is pure, not watered down or containing additives. Of the choices between juicers and extractors, extractors are a preferable tool as the fiber from the fruits and vegetables is broken down in the drinks to be consumed, providing a higher health benefit.

Prepackaged Foods

  1. Canned fruits: Often contain added sugars. The processing procedure also strips quite a lot of the nutritional value from the fruit. Eat fresh fruit instead.
  2. Canned soups: often contain high levels of sodium and offer very little nutritional value. Consider makeup homemade soups instead.
  3. Any prepackaged frozen or dehydrated meals- Even those listed as low fat or low calorie. These meals rarely have the nutritional value that they would if they were made from fresh ingredients.
  4. Granola bars: While granola bars sound nutritious, the prepackaged versions often contain added sugars and fats. If you enjoy granola bars, consider making your own at home.
  5. Microwave popcorn: Popcorn in and of itself is a great, low calorie snack. However, microwave popcorn has added fats, therefor added calories. Consider purchasing kernels of popcorn and an air popping popcorn machine. As a bonus, popcorn is cheaper when purchased this way as well!
  6. Dried fruit: Sounds healthy, right? Well many of the prepackaged dried fruit products contain added sugars. Consider making your own dried fruit. This can be done with the use of a dehydrator or simply by using the oven. Adding a splash of lemon juice helps to prevent excessive discoloration during the drying process.

Bleached Products

Foods that have undergone the bleaching process such as products made with white flour or white rice- The bleaching process strips away many nutrients. Opt instead for whole grain, unbleached versions of these food items. Instead of white bread, try whole grain bread or Ezekiel bread. Instead of instant white rice, go for long-grain brown rice. Pastas can also be found or made using whole grain flours, which is a much healthier, often lower calorie option.

Cookies, Cakes, Candies, etc.

This is the most obvious of categories for people seeking weight loss to avoid.  There is almost no nutritional value in these foods. The calorie amounts in each serving is higher than desired. Also, the tendency to eat more servings that just one may prove to be too tempting for dieters.


  1. Soy Sauce: Low in calories, but high in sodium which can have a negative impact on weight loss.
  2. Seasoning Salt: Again, the added sodium can have a negative impact on weight loss efforts.
  3. High Fat Salad Dressings: Opt for lower fat, lower calorie versions, or even better, make a homemade option like a fresh vinaigrette.
  4. Mayonnaise: If you simply must have this, consider using one made with olive oil in it.
  5. Ketchup: Again, high volumes of sodium is contained in most well-known brands. Read those labels! Go for an organic ketchup, which typically contains less sodium.
  6. Syrups: Obvious forms of excess sugar. Consider instead using homemade fruit preserves to add flavor.

Fried Foods

Frying foods adds a lot of flavor, and a lot extra calories to food. Consider baking or grilling instead. French fries can be made in the oven. Grilled or baked chicken is a flavorful alternative to deep fried chicken. Grilling and baking methods can be found to mimic the crunchy texture of deep fried chicken as well.

Food Labels Are Your Friend

When trying to lose weight, it is important to familiarize yourself with food labels. Do not just assume because the label says “Low Fat” or “Nonfat” that the food is good for weight loss. You must look at the ingredient/nutritional value section on the label.  A package of Twizzlers boasts that the product is fat-free. Well, this is certainly true, by FDA guidelines, the product contains only 1% fat, which is permitted to be categorized as a fat-free product. However, a quick look at the nutritional content on the label also shows that for four pieces of the candy, the amount of sodium and sugars far outweigh the level of vitamins and minerals in this food. As the only nutritional value this candy has is a bit of iron. So, while it’s true that this food can be categorized as fat-free, it is still not the best nutritional option for those seeking weight loss.

Food labels also allow us to view what the serving size is. Did you know that an average bag of microwave popcorn contains 2.5 servings?  The calories listed on a label are per serving. So, if the calories on that bag of popcorn are listed as 150, and you eat the entire bag, then you have really consumed 375 calories.

NutriBullet Recipes to Lose Weight

NutriBullet extractors are used to break down fruits, vegetables and nuts into a texture that is easy to digest, in smoothie form. When eating these foods whole, some of the vitamins and minerals contained in the food are not able to be broken down and absorbed in the body. The extraction technique releases these vital vitamins and minerals from the foods so they can be easily absorbed by your body. Traditional juicers and blenders are not able to break down foods and extract as many nutrients, while providing the smooth consistency of the drinks to the degree that the NutriBullet does.

Using NutriBullet Recipes for Weight Loss

To lose weight with this method, it is important to replace some of your meals with the drinks. If you simply add the drinks to your meals, you’ll be increasing calories, therefore you will end up gaining weight. The vast list of food items that can be used in the NutriBullet leads to a seemingly endless supply of drink combinations that can be used. The added health benefits of the optimal vitamin and mineral absorption from using this process seem to make using NutriBullet recipes for weight loss a good choice.


The creators of NutriBullet offer what they call SuperFoods that can be added to your smoothies. They are made from organic foods, and are rich in nutrients. Each Superfood product offers different benefits. The NutriBullet Lean Boost claims to help build muscle by providing added protein as well as to boost metabolism. NutriBullet states that its SuperFood Fat Burning Boost “dishes out the perfect amount of thermogenic, metabolism-boosting compounds”.  SuperFood Cleansing Greens are supposed to boost your immune system. There is also a Superfood Protein Blend. Maca Powder is supposed to give your body energy and balance. Goji Berries provide Vitamin A and protein. Superfood Cacao Nibs help fill that craving for chocolate, without adding the sugars and fats you get from traditional chocolate.

If you choose to use these SuperFoods, the website has several recipes that include them in the ingredient list. However, it is certainly not necessary to use the SuperFoods. The recipes can still be made by omitting the SuperFood. There are several recipes on the website that do not have SuperFoods listed in the ingredients.


Substitute smoothies for only one or two meals per day. Avoid the temptation to substitute smoothies at every meal. Consider taking a smoothie to work for lunch, if there is a refrigerator available. Or, use it to replace breakfast. Having that smoothie ready to go on your way out of the door in the morning may prevent you from giving into the temptation to stop in the fast food drive thru on the way to work to grab something quick to eat.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. Water is an essential part of any healthy diet. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also helps to curb your appetite. It helps your body to eliminate toxins. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day in addition to your smoothie.

You must take in consideration the calories contained in each drink. Just because the drink is nutrient rich, it does not mean that those calories don’t count. The calories contained in the drink need to be counted toward your total calorie consumption for the day. Choose low calorie fruits, berries, and vegetables to use in the drinks to keep the total calories down.

Try adding nuts. Nuts will provide a source of protein to you drinks. Protein plays an important role in our overall health. Consuming adequate quantities of protein will help you to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the faster you burn calories, making it easier to lose and then maintain weight. Nuts are also a good source of healthy fats our bodies require.

Be adventurous. Try new recipe combinations. Avoiding boredom in your diet is key to maintaining any diet you are on.

Recipe Combinations to Try

Some of the recipes that NutriBullet promotes on their website for weight loss are listed below.

Cleansing Citrus Blast contains Superfood Cleansing Greens, kale, an orange, lemon juice, cucumber, water, and coconut water. This recipe has 153 calories.

Pound Away the Pounds Tonic is made using spinach, tomato, celery, carrot, bell pepper, onions, limes, cilantro and water. There are only 73.6 calories in this recipe!

Slimming Citrus Blast includes spinach, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, chia seeds and water. Total calories in this recipe are 163.8.

Mojito Nutriblast’s list of ingredients are kale, mint, chlorella, avocado, and water. One suggestion in this recipe is to substitute coconut water for the plain water to boost the sweetness of the finished product. Total calories in this recipe are 280.1.

Power Punch Blast consists of spinach, cucumbers, mixed berries, frozen cherries, almonds, coconut water, and water. This recipe is 232.4 calories.

Experiment with your own list of preferred ingredients to see what kinds of drinks you can design! Be creative.

Combining Efforts

Considering taking a weight loss supplement to further boost your weight loss efforts? Phen375 could be taken in combination while using NutriBullet smoothies as meal replacements to enhance your weight loss. Do internet research on Phen375, and you will find thousands of satisfied customer testimonials. Phen375 is formulated using all natural ingredients. The side effects are minimal. It boosts metabolism while suppressing appetite, which helps you be more successful at achieving your weight loss goals. It is designed to be a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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