How Coconut Oil is Used for Weight Loss

Scientific research shows that coconut oil is metabolized differently than most other oils. Consumption of coconut oil does slightly increase metabolism, which can help you to lose weight. However, this increase is only temporary. Some studies show that coconut oil also tends to suppress appetite. It should be noted that research has shown that using coconut oil may help boost weight loss efforts, but it is by no means a weight loss miracle. The slight temporary boost in metabolism and appetite suppression may make it worth a shot to consider adding coconut oil to other weight loss measures. Most experts agree using coconut oil as the only method for weight loss is ineffective, or at least, has very minimal impact.

Best Time to Use Coconut Oil

Most proponents of the usage of coconut oil agree that it is best to take the coconut oil before or between meals.  Some people suggest taking it no more than 15 minutes before a meal. Others suggest you take it up to thirty minutes before a meal. This is to allow time for the appetite suppressing factors of the oil to take effect.

Suggested Uses

Some proponents of this method suggest eating coconut oil by the spoonful for weight loss. The suggestion is to eat small amounts until you are used to it, working your way up to six tablespoons per day. As an alternative, you may simply use coconut oil to replace other oils you are currently using in cooking. Please remember, however, that coconut oil does contain calories. Therefore, adding coconut oil to you diet, without making any other changes to your calorie consumption, or without adding exercise, would likely make any weight loss efforts unfruitful. However, some supporters insist that you will still see some results because of the appetite suppressing factor in coconut oil.

It is also important to note that the recommended coconut oil is virgin coconut oil. So, if you are going to try this method, be sure to read the labels carefully when purchasing coconut from the store or online. Coconut oil is sold in solid form. It solidifies at room temperature, so do not be alarmed to see this when you open the jar. If using it to replace normal cooking oils, it can be heated to liquefy it for easier measuring.

Below are some suggestions for adding coconut oil to your diet:

  • Almond butter- Add 2 cups almonds and 2 Tablespoons coconut oil to a blender and grind until smooth.
  • Use it to replace butter in baking recipes. The substitution is an exact amount.
  • Use it to replace other oils in any cooking recipe. Again, substitution is for the exact amount.
  • Use coconut oil to pop popcorn. Do not coat popcorn with butter after popping.
  • Add coconut oil to home-made smoothies.
  • Add it to your tea.
  • Use coconut oil in your lemon water.
  • Mix coconut oil with extra virgin olive oil to make a dressing for your salad.

The Theory

The theory behind using coconut oil as a weight loss method lies in the type of fat that coconut oil is. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT). Traditional oils used in America are long chain triglycerides (LCT). Studies show that people using MCTs in place of LCTs are less likely to store fat in their bodies. Further, studies show individuals who consume more MCT fats than LCT fats more effectively decrease already stored body fats.

Coconut oil may have muscle boosting properties. A weight loss study involving body builders was conducted in which half of the participants followed their normal diets and daily workout routines while the other half added 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, but made no other changes to their diets, and, also followed their typical daily workout schedule. At the end of the of the four- week study, the weight lifters who used the coconut oil had more of an overall increase in muscle mass than did the other participants.


Those that support the use of coconut oil in the daily diet are quick to point out the benefits of doing so. First in this list of potential benefits is the oil’s metabolism boosting quality. Secondly, supporters state the oil’s effect on suppressing appetite. As we move down the list, we see that coconut oil is rather effective when it comes to shedding access abdominal fat. Medical experts point out the health complications resulting from excess abdominal fat, which include heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. Further, coconut oil increases HDL, also known as the “good” cholesterol, which decreases the risk of heart disease.

There is some research that indicates the consumption of coconut oil may repair brain function in Alzheimer’s patients. This research is relatively new, and the results are not yet conclusive. Coconut oil clears up kidney infections and helps prevent liver damage. It also improves digestion. The high levels of antioxidants contained in coconut oil, combined with its boost to calcium absorption in the body, make coconut oil a good preventative for Osteoporosis. These are just some of the benefits of adding coconut oil to your diet. This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list. 

Expected Weight Loss Using this Method

Of the studies found through internet research, there is an average of 2-3 pounds of weight loss over a 28-day span. This is not a significant amount of weight loss. Consider adding the weight loss supplement, Phen375, to your diet rather than, or in addition to, choosing this method. Phen375 is a weight loss supplement unlike any other on the market today. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and can be found on such sites as Amazon, which shows a 98% customer positivity rating, and Walmart, which shows a 96.8% customer positivity rating. With such positive reviews as proof this supplement works, Phen375 is the only weight loss product we recommend to our readers. Phen375 encourages a complete healthy lifestyle. They have included meal plans and exercise videos on their website for customers to access.

How Much Weight Can You Lose In 3 Months With Phen375

Phen375 is a FDA approved weight-loss supplement. Unlike other supplements on the market, Phen375 makes no miraculous weight-loss claims simply from taking the supplement. The company provides diet and exercise plan options on their website for customer convenience. The manufacturers of the product clearly state on their website that this product is most beneficial when used in combination with a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercise plan. Further, users are encouraged to increase their fluid intake by drinking plenty of water. Phen375 does claim to improve metabolism, help suppress hunger, and increase the body’s ability to burn fat. Per the official website, when combined with proper diet and exercise, users can expect 5-9 pounds of weight loss each week.

Does NOT Include Phentermine

Let’s make it perfectly clear, this product does NOT contain Phentermine. We’ve all heard of the horrible negative reviews about the adverse health effects of Phentermine. The FDA guidelines only allow Phentermine to be used under close supervision by a physician.

Active Ingredients

Okay then, what ingredients DOES Phen375 contain? How does this product work? The product’s all-natural ingredients work together to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Below you will see a list of active ingredients, with the important roles each plays in the supplement.

  • L-Carnitine carries fat from the diet into the bloodstream, reducing the amount of fat that would be stored in the body.
  • Eurycooma Longifolia prevents loss of muscle mass.
  • Citrus Aurantium, Sympathomimetic Amine, and Coleus Forksolii Root PE aid in increasing metabolism.
  • Caffeine is included in the product. It serves as a hunger suppressant.
  • Capsicum is an ingredient that aids the other ingredients by increasing blood flow, thereby clearing the path for the other ingredients to do their job. Additionally, Capsicum raises body temperature, which increases the body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Longjack Tongkat Ali increases the body’s testosterone production, which heightens the body’s ability to produce muscle. It also reduces the amount of glucose the body retains as fat.
  • Trimethylxanthine serves as a hunger suppressant and increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Losing Weight with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Weight loss when diagnosed with PCOS can be particularly difficult. Why is this? Well, there are three main contributing factors. Research shows that women diagnosed with PCOS have slower metabolisms than women without this diagnosis. PCOS causes insulin malfunctions, which may trigger the body to store more glucose as fat. Many women with PCOS have hormonal imbalances that make it difficult to control their appetites. However, there is still hope for weight loss. Nutrition and exercise play a crucial role in this process. Let’s look at some tips to help lose weight when diagnosed with PCOS.

Increase Protein/Decrease Carbs

Increase your protein intake, while lowering your carbohydrate consumption. High carbohydrate consumption causes an increase in insulin production, therefore, the body tends to store more fat. Eliminating, or at least decreasing, the amount of carbohydrates while increasing protein consumption helps to strike a more desired balance. Limiting the consumption of such carbohydrates as sweets (cookies, cakes, pies, etc.) and pastas is a good starting point.

Reduce Calories

Lower the total calories you consume each day. A good method for doing this is to figure out your daily caloric intake now, and then subtract 20% of the calories to come up with how many calories you need daily to promote weight loss. For example, if you currently consume 1800 calories daily, you would subtract 360 calories (20%) from that. So, for weight loss, you would need to consume 1440 calories per day. This amount can be adjusted as needed if you reach a plateau or find that you are losing weight faster than desired. Simply recalculate using the formula.

Address Insulin and Hormonal Imbalances

Make sure that your medications are right for you. Controlling insulin fluctuations and hormonal imbalances with medications, under guidance of your doctor, can help your body adjust, making weight loss goals more achievable. If you find that your weight loss efforts aren’t effective, visit your doctor and ask him or her to run blood tests to determine if your insulin levels or hormonal imbalances need to be adjusted or controlled with medication. If you are already on a prescribed medication, be sure to frequently have your blood tested to ensure your levels remain as stable as possible.


We all know how important exercise is. Increasing activity levels, in combination with a healthy diet can boost weight loss. Going for a walk, jog, or bike ride are suitable aerobic exercises. The increase in oxygen to the blood stream help the body to burn fat quicker, and elevate mood as well! Research also shows that with higher muscle mass, people burn more calories in everyday activities. Higher muscle mass also creates a rise in metabolic rate (metabolism). So, why not work out with some light weights? You don’t have to go full-on body builder mode here, ladies. Just grab a pair of 5-10 pound weights and do a few arm exercises and squats. Bonus? Exercise also helps control insulin levels.


Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause problems with insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances which, again, make it more difficult to lose weight. Try to average at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Increase Fluids

Drink plenty of fluids. Increasing fluid intake helps to keep appetite under control. Drink beverages such as water and green tea (preferably unsweetened). Decrease your intake of sugary or high-calorie beverages such as soda, cappuccinos, milk shakes, and other spruced up, high-calorie beverages.

Use a Food Diary

Tracking foods you consume, and doing it honestly, can be an effective way to help you identify where you need to make changes. Track everything you put into your mouth. We often feed ourselves without thinking about exactly what it is we are eating. If you know you will be writing it down, you are more likely to think about what it is you are considering to eat. If you are using a decreased calorie diet, make sure you estimate the number of calories you are consuming in each of the foods you are eating. This will give a more realistic account of how many calories you consume each day, as well as what types of foods you are consuming so you can adjust your diet accordingly.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is another area that affects how much insulin your body produces. High stress levels cause an increase in cortisol production. Which causes, you guessed it, insulin issues, which in turn causes (right again!) the likelihood that your body is going to be turning more glucose into fat. By keeping stress levels to a minimum, you are more likely to find weight loss is easier. So, take a few minutes to just breathe, soak in a bubble bath, go for a nature walk, do whatever you do that eases your mind and lowers your stress level. Here’s another reason to incorporate exercise into your life: exercising is also a known stress reliever!

Reach Out to a Friend

Joining forces with a friend or family member can help you in your weight loss journey in so many ways. Choose someone who you can trust. She can be part of your support system. She can be your accountability partner (maybe share that food diary with her?). She can exercise with you. Exercising is always more fun when you can do it while chatting with a good friend. And, don’t forget, a good laugh is often just what the doctor ordered when it comes to relieving stress.

Weight Loss Products

If you have tried the above tips and are still having difficulty with weight loss, consider discussing the option of taking Phen375 with your doctor. Of the hundreds of weight loss products available, Phen375 has proven to be the best one. As per Google Trends, Phen375 has the highest search volume and many people are using this product. Thousands of positive replies are found on Amazon and E-bay sites. This product has 98% positive ratings found at Amazon, and 96.7% positive ratings at Walmart. No other weight loss product has such documented positive ratings. Thus, it is the only product we refer to our readers.

How Many Carbs per Day for Weight Loss

Low carb diets restrict the amount of carbohydrates you consume. The diets consist of lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and small amounts of fruit and grains. In this type of diet, you decrease your consumption of high-calorie, high carb foods such as cakes, potato chips, breads, and pasta. However, you still consume low carb, nutrient rich foods like brown rice and certain fruits. Most low carb diets do not focus on calories, making it a good option for individuals who find calculating and tracking their daily caloric intake.

Benefits of Low-Carb Eating

Besides weight loss, there are other health benefits to eating a low carb diet. Low carb diets help to eliminate abdominal fat. Triglycerides are also lowered through a low carb diet. HDL, also known as the good cholesterol, is raised. There is a reduction in blood sugar and insulin levels which is particularly beneficial to people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Low carb diets significantly lower blood pressure. It lowers symptoms of metabolic disorder. LDL, or the bad cholesterol, levels are lowered. Low carb diets also help to support several brain functions.


Some people cut carbs too low. Carbohydrates are important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Rather than trying to eliminate all carbs from your diet, focus on eliminating processed carbs. Also, some low carb eating plans, such as the Atkins diet, do not limit the amount of fat a person consumes. Low carb, high fat diets can increase the risk of certain health conditions like heart disease.

How Many Carbs to Eat?

There are many suggested amounts on the internet listed for the number of calories one should consume each day to lose weight. This range is anywhere from 50-150 grams per day. Diets containing less than 50 grams per day are known as a ketogenic diet. In this type of diet, the body relies on burning fat as a source of fuel instead of using glycogen as its primary energy resource. While this fact may sound appealing to those seeking to lose weight, it is important to note that such a low quantity for carb consumption may lead to certain health issues. These issues include, but is not limited to, hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, hypoglycemia, muscle soreness, low platelet counts, kidney stones, and increased risk of bruising. In addition, extremely low carbohydrate consumption can result in mood swings and menstrual irregularities.

Figuring out the optimal carb intake is dependent upon five main factors. These factors are: age, gender, activity level, body composition, and present metabolic health. There are several carb calculators available online to help you determine your personal optimal carb intake. If you don’t want to go through all of that, you can simply follow these guidelines:

  • For a very low carb diet, consume less than 10% of your calories per day in the form of carbohydrates. This is typically less than 65 grams for men and less than 50 grams for women. This diet would fall into the ketogenic diet category, so use it with extreme caution.
  • With a low carb diet, you would consume between 10-15% of your calories in carbohydrate form. This is about 65-100 grams for men and 50-75 grams for women
  • In a moderate carb diet, calorie consumption ranges are between 15-30% of daily calories. This is approximately 100-200 grams per day for men and 75- 150 grams per day for women.
  • Anything hire than 30% carbohydrate consumption rate is considered a high carbohydrate diet. So, anything higher than 200 grams per day for men and greater than 150 grams per day for women would be considered high carb diets.


  • Include healthy fats in your diet.
  • Eat whenever you’re hungry.
  • Eliminate, or at least, reduce processed and refined foods.
  • Read labels. Not all brands of the same food item contain the same number of carbs.
  • Clear your pantry of high carb items.
  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Plan meals ahead.
  • Eliminate sodas. Soda drinks contain high volumes of carbohydrates.
  • Limit fruit juice.
  • Consume plenty of high fiber vegetables to reduce the risk of constipation.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Use a food diary.


Research shows that most people who chose a low carb diet do lose some weight. Comparing low carb diets to low fat diets, low carb dieters typically see more results and see them faster. However, research also shows that the weight loss may not be long term. Some dieters resume their normal carb consumption once they reach their goal weight. When they do this, the weight often reappears. Other times, the person’s body adjusts to the reduced intake of carbs, making it more challenging to lose weight. When choosing low carb dieting as your preferred weight loss method, it is important to continue to track your carb intake, even after you have lost the amount of weight you set out to. Pay attention to your weight. Increase and decrease carbs as necessary to maintain your goal weight.


If low carb diets aren’t for you, or if you are looking for something to help boost your weight loss results, consider adding the weight loss supplement, Phen375. Unlike other weight loss supplements that claim that customers can expect to lose an unbelievable amount of weight in two weeks, with no lifestyle changes, the makers of Phen375 encourage healthy lifestyle changes in conjunction with taking the supplement.  Phen375 is truly unlike any weight loss product on the market. Exercise videos and eating plans are included on their website for customer use. They want their customers to succeed at losing weight and having a healthy life! As per Google Trends, Phen375 has the highest search volume and many people are using this product. Researching customer reviews, you will find that many customers stand by this supplement and are repeat customers. There are positive customer reviews all over the internet, including Amazon which shows a 98% positivity rating, and Walmart which shows a 96.7% rate of positive customer reviews. No other weight loss product compares to that rate. Thus, it is the only product we refer to our readers.

List of Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

Some people turn to juicing diets to lose weight quickly. Using this method requires a tremendous amount of will power. Juicing is not simply substituting store bought orange juice for meals. It involves using a juicer to extract nutrients from foods, turning these foods into the form of a drink. When we cook foods, we lose some of the nutritional value contained in the foods. Consuming the foods in raw form eliminates this issue, allowing you to get more nutritional bang for your buck, if you will.

Juice vs. Smoothie

Juicing removes the fibrous qualities from foods. It pulls the vitamins and minerals from the foods into liquid form, while leaving the fiber behind. This is different than making smoothies with extractors. When making smoothies, the fibers in the food are broken down and including in the drink, making the consistency of the beverage thicker.


There are two methods for juicing to lose weight. In the first option, widely known as “Juice Fasting”, you replace all your meals with juices for a predetermined amount of time. Using this method is very extreme, and can be quite dangerous.

The less extreme method, is to replace unhealthy snack choices, or substitute one or two meals per day with the juice. This method is easier to maintain for a longer amount of time than juice fasting. It is still important to use caution in using this method. Watch for signs that your body is not getting what it needs to perform.

The Process

Prepare the foods for juicing. Cut up vegetables and fruits as necessary. Smaller items, such as berries, may not need to be cut into pieces. Place the food into the juicer. Placing leafy vegetables into the juicer first will help to better extract the juice from them. You may need to juice a few items at a time, adding them to your glass as you go. Be sure to thoroughly stir the drink before consuming it.


Use vegetables as the main ingredients in your juice. Fruits have a high sugar content, which may make it difficult to obtain the results you are after. Vegetables have a lower sugar content, and provide essential nutrients. Fruits can be used as sweeteners in your drinks.

Be sure to include sources of protein in your juices as well as in your normal meals and snacks. Protein is necessary for a healthy body. You can incorporate protein into your juices by using protein powders. You could also add chia seeds or flaxseed. Use cuts of lean meats or beans in your normal meals, and consider eating almonds or other nuts, and probiotic yogurts for snacks.

Pros and Cons

Juicing can be a good way of getting fruits and vegetables into your diet if you really don’t like to eat the foods on their own. Juicing allows us to more easily achieve the recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetable consumption.

Nutrients are easily absorbed through juicing.

Keep in mind that juicers extract the juice, removing the pulp, which contains fiber. Fiber is a significant element in our diets. Consuming fibers helps to regulate bowels, lower rise in blood glucose levels, and improve cholesterol levels. It also helps you to feel fuller, so it be an aid in appetite suppression.

It can be expensive. If you don’t own a juicer, you will need to purchase one. You will need to purchase fresh produce to use in the recipes.

Recipes containing mostly fruits can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate dramatically.You may or may not be successful with weight loss attempts through juicing.

Suggested Recipes

There are many options for juicing recipes. Many juicing recipes can be found on the internet. Feel free to experiment and create your own combinations as well. Below are five recipes to help get you started.

  • Mean Green Toxin Flusher -this recipe contains cucumbers, which help rid the body of toxins. The parsley in the recipe aids in digestion.
    • Ingredients
      • 2-3 kale leaves
      • Handful parsley
      • ½ unpeeled lemon
      • Cucumber
      • Fuji apple
    • Fat Dissolver Juice– This recipe claims to boost your metabolism
      • Ingredients
        • 1 peeled pink grapefruit
        • 2 peeled oranges
        • 1 bunch mint
        • 1 head romaine lettuce
      • Turbo Express
        • Ingredients
          • ½ small pineapple
          • ½ stick celery
          • 1 inch chunk of cucumber
          • 1 handful spinach leaves
          • 1 small, peeled lime
          • 2 apples
          • ½ ripe avocado
          • Ice cubes
        • Collard Cooler
          • Ingredients
            • 2 leaves collard greens
            • 2-1/2 medium apples
            • ½ medium cucumber
            • 2 stalks celery
            • ½ medium, peeled, lemon
            • ½ medium, peeled lime
          • The Lift-Off
            • Ingredients
              • 2 leaves Swiss Chard
              • 2 leaves collard greens
              • 1 cup kale
              • 1 cup spinach
              • ½ medium cucumber
              • 1 inch fresh, peeled, gingerroot
              • ½ medium, peeled lemon

Mixed Reviews

Searching the internet, you will see many different reviews on the effectiveness of juicing as a weight loss method. Some web sites rave on about how customers lost seven pounds in seven days. Certain individuals claim using this method was the quickest and easiest way they have ever lost weight.

For every positive review, there are countless numbers of negative reviews. Some reviews state that while they did, indeed, lose weight quickly through juicing, they gained the weight back just as quickly once they went off the juicing diet. Others stated they saw no decrease in their weight while on the diet.

There are several reviews in which individuals reported health complications as a result of following a juicing diet. These complications range from minor issues such as irritability, stomach discomfort and bloating, or diarrhea to more severe issues like diabetic coma. 


An alternative to juicing that has been proven successful is using the supplement Phen375. Phen375 is unlike any weight loss product on the market. There are positive customer reviews all over the internet, including Amazon which shows a 98% positivity rating. As per Google Trends, Phen375 has the highest search volume and many people are using this product. No other weight loss product has such documented positive ratings. Thus, it is the only product we refer to our readers.